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Example: Roselyn is a prolific baker, an excellent one. She bakes on innovative themes, excellent recipes, and marvelous variety. People swarm on her cakes. Most mothers of young toddlers ask her to bake for their kids’ birthday parties. Roselyn opens up a website and appoints a person to confirm deliveries and take orders online. She also puts the pictures of all her innovative cakes on the portal as her portfolio. She thinks this will expand her business and enhance her popularity. Yet, Roselyn’s feeling that the website has done her more harm than good! There is a drastic drop in sales after she has begun to operate online.

What do you think is the cause? The reason is, that “Googling” Roslyn’s bakery online puts people off! Why? Because of what people read online, enroute her website on the net. They witness eight previous pages that are blogs, forums etc. posted by anonymous people who claim that Roselyn’s cakes are so tempting because of a specific kind of a soda that is dangerous for human consumption. What’s more, there is an article that says, how that soda slowly but most confidently numbs a human brain and spoils ovaries.

Output: People will purchase from anywhere but at Roselyn’s.

Such is the art or wrath of online brand building, a reputation saved is reputation sold! And one really needs a scientifically stitched online reputation management program, if one’s online presence puts-off the potential customers, if there are lot of negative reports lurking on the net about one’s brand, or if one constantly fears that anyone will not do business with them ever, if they read about your organization from a specific page on the net.

We will help you repair and reconstruct your online reputation. By ripping off negative listings from a competitor, a message board, or a news site, SEONY will help you chisel a specific image on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our online brand building consultants will handle you case with dexterity and expertise that is age-old. They will help you carve out a presence so positive and authentic, that your potential customer will like what they see, because one buys what one likes!

Why does my online reputation get corrupted?

The reason could be none, or any. Any unfavourable comment, listing or lead could be dangerous to one’s brand presence online. It could be a wronged employee, an impossible to please previous customer, or a competitor who has targeted your website by spoiling your consumer feedback.

Since the high-ranking listings that are negative hold user generated content that is submitted anonymously (hence, cannot be deleted), it could rise quickly in search engine’s results, hence displaying itself to a seeker much before your URL’s link. This is where, search engine experts are called to action.

How we help?

We know what will work, for we undertake a thorough study of your specific industry type. SEO NY’s experts profess vast knowledge from having years of experience; hence, we work at suppressing the negative listings that are harmful, by upgrading your positive, impactful positive listings.

Our experts work creating micro-sites, optimizing keywords, posting in blogs, forums and various other article sites and social media sites to float around an authoritative positive brand image that will outrank the negative one in all SERP’s (search engine rank pages).

The tools

  • Micro-sites: Our best bet! We will create websites with outbound links and relative content with the intended keywords and phrases. This site will be pushed higher persistently with the aid of other social media tools. Technical interplay of several IPs ad servers along with link promotion will help the site inch higher at a dramatic speed.

  • Social Media: Facebook, MySpace, professional networks like Linked In, Namyz, micro-blogs (twitter), Wiki articles on Wikipedia, reviews on Yahoo and Google are other sites, where we can regulate, monitor and impact the website’s reputation to meet the standards of our ORM campaign.

  • Blogs: Blog and forums n high-ranking micro-sites such as blogger, live journal etc. will help us boost the rankings of the min-page, categories, and individual’s post etc.

  • Press Releases & articles submission: For high-quality links to promote a brand’s positive listings, promotion on effective networks like PRLOGS, eZine, Go-Articles etc. can be very handy.

But, it takes time…

Whatever your business is (mining, baking, selling, money-lending, consultation etc.) or whoever you are (politician, actor, entrepreneur etc.) we can surely help you with a long term, staying resolution. SEO Company New York, promises that you will be able to get your name back that will prevent you from loosing online business or potential client online.

However, it does take a few months to circulate and achieve the desired online brand image. Our aim always is to offer sustained results that will last for years to come. We work efficiently and quickly, but you must be persistent and resolute. We look at a sustained solutions and not a band-aid, since it is imperative to know that band-aids do not really last on slightly thicker wounds.

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