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Sussane has opened a small flower shoppe in the streets of Alabama. She gets most of her clients from Alabama City and the outskirts. Passerbys also purchase flowers from her shop when they pass by it and see the variety and excellent quality Sussane has to offer. But, despite being innovative with the décor and maintaining highest standards of quality, her small flower shoppe is running in red. At times, for months at stretch she has a regular influx of around thirty customers and flower delivery orders. But, on other occasions two or three months pass by with hardly a customer or ten.

The layout of our processes is engineered taking into consideration the Google's guidelines on Search Engine Optimization and maintaining white hat techniques for safeguarding the interests of clients so that they get ace Search Engine results.

We suggested Sussane to enroll for our website design that will help her build a powerful brand presence online. This, we supplemented with SEO organic listings, directory and article submission and a consistent & strategic off-page SEO campaign.

Result: the target group online when typed in “flowers decorators in Alabama”, they found Sussane’s address and order online link within the first three findings. This helped her in increasing more queries, which got converted into leads that generated business. Sussane not only experienced an increase in traffic and queries, but also witnessed a 30-40 % rise in her business. More than all of this, this led her to gain a consistent clientele.

Top SEO Ranking

That is what search engine optimization does for a brand’s website. It increases the number of clicks and the number of target visitors on a particular site address for a particular set of keywords. SEO New York does just that. It drives lead generating traffic on your website. A reputed SEO company optimizes your website to attain higher search engine & rakings to make it more crawler & search engine friendly. We undertake a thorough analysis of your website, keyword research, traffic mapping and then support you with an appropriate mix of SEO and SMO tools, tips, and techniques that will most effectively fructify into performance!

Our leading White Hat SEO campaign includes:

  • Web Evaluation

A thorough review of a client’s website informs us of the website design’s compatibility with the SEO process. It takes into account website’s navigation structure, its strengths and weaknesses for a quality SEO activity to begin on the site. Our experts, with a vast experience in the SEO industry can also suggest improvement tactics that will lead to better performance & quicker delivery.

  • Keywords Research

A holistic keywords research ranking is the heart of any successful SEO campaign. Since keywords become the search terminology for your online business, thus they are central to an SEO campaign thriving performance. SEO company NY aids its client’s to choose a set of effective and lead generating keywords. For example, the keyword “flower shops in Alabama” might be slightly long, and it might take tad more time in bringing your site up against this keyword, but it will definitely give us more sturdy, lasting and high-on-conversion leads than merely “flowers shops” or “popular flower shops”.

  • Competition’s Analysis

In the web-world it is very important to keep a track of your leading competitors internet marketing mix. It gives us a fair idea of how is the competitor leading and with the help of what internet marketing mix.  Thus, you could easily assess the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, and draft your area of opportunity accordingly.

  • On Page SEO

A judicious utilization of the text on the website, its optimization with appropriate head tags, Meta tags, leading keywords, heading links etc. is a part of on page SEO optimization exercise. Few other components of quality on-page SEO activity included in our effective SEO packages are,  links, images/ videos optimization, LSI content, Page titles, Page names etc. that help in pushing a particular page of the site higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

  • Off Page SEO

Complete SEO mix is a proportionate mix of effective on-page and off- page activity. Off Page SEO activity is important if the client desires rankings and performance longevity. For rankings that are unshakeable, SEO tips such as social bookmarking, article, directory, blog, press-release submission, blog commenting, forum writing etc. should be used extensively.

You measure what we do

It is easy to keep a tab on performance, since we do what is stated in our specific SEO Package. We are proactive in reporting our work to the clients, thus our leading business development team rolls out bi-weekly performance report ad work credit score sheet, and a monthly keyword ranking report card. It helps you map the traffic received on your site. Hence, the efficacy of our internet marketing plan can easily be measured.

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New York SEO invites you to choose from the top delivering SEO packages for excellent work on your website.The layout of our SEM plan is formed only after a pre-meditated exercise on Google’s guidelines on search engine optimization to our client’s specific industry type. Thus we can guarantee:

  • Top  Rankings for Targeted Keywords
  • Increase in Website’s Popularity
  • Rise in Online Traffic
  • Increase in Online Sale Volume

Our SEO services are purely white hat & 100% ethical. Hence, they are accepted by all leading search engines gladly. We place our certified, prolific, and dedicated professionals to build your brand identity online. Our services are the best and most affordable solution for small business enterprises that will help them prosper effortlessly!

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