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Getting renowned on the internet utilizing its most powerful captives, i.e. social media channels is best understood as social media marketing. This involves building a striking website presence for your brand on all the social media vehicles, and promoting it through blogs, blog comments, micro-blogging etc. This not only keeps your website in regular circulation on the net thereby contributing to your website’s ranking and positioning, but it also gets you where is target group most frequently is!

Social media optimization is scientific and planned, to help you chisel a specific personality for your brand online. This supported by our efficient SEO activity, can really work wonders for your website’s ranking. For example, adding people who are ardent ikebana flower setting lovers to a group of a flower shoppe owner’s twitter account is the best way to speak about the flower shoppe amongst its intended TA. Such leads can be celebrated kept alive and further expanded by the means of adding more numbers, announcing contests, offering seasonal discounts, and by optimizing videos and images online. There is so much that one can really do with a stitched & scientifically calculated SMO campaign!

SMO Campaign promises a website:

  • Traffic on a website, that is mostly lead converting. Why we can say this, is because anyone who is drawn to your site by your social networking links is obviously your target group. And that one is definitely seeking in need. Thus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Digg, My Space, Furl and propeller are more than just the places to say hello!
  • SEO Company in New York also promises excellent and quality one way links from these leading social media sites. These links are clickable when one is surfing social media, enabling judicious page optimization.
  • Interesting reviews, thriving profile, growing popularity and rising followers assure more popularity, rise in traffic and thus, more business.
  • High ranking one way links, flawless SMO presence specific to your industry type and captivating attention grabbing content for your page will surely place you on a position of prominence on all leading search engines.

SMO Campaign service offerings:

  • Blogging: And active blogging at that! Social media is best optimized with effective blog management. As a thriving organization, we maintain your blog with product information, industry updates, industry inventions or stalwart achievements, critic’s news and updates, stakeholders’ achievements and stories and information from supplementary and complimentary information. Hence, your official blog will be a hub for industry base interaction. A personalized blog page will also be created for the related feedback, comments, reviews and response from the audience, allowing you to interact and interrelate fully.
  • V-Blogging: is the hottest SMO trend today! SEONY does this to perfection. There are times, when for the lack of words in real life, you express your emotions through a picture. That is what a video contributes to your website, expression. Most people can relate to it better than text, and that can explain its growing popularity. We help you post excellent videos on YouTube and other social media platforms to compliment your online brand image.
  • Press-Release & Article Writing: is an effective means of online brand promoting via the use of quality content. Press release & article writing, submission, & circulation are effective and essential constituents of any intelligent internet marketing plan. Text with links and anchor links on targeted keywords will aid the frequenting visitor to land on your webpage and lead to conversion. SEONewYork, provides with well written press releases & articles to all leading article submission and PR sites world-wide.
  • Forum Marketing: This is yet another way to boost your online image. We help you build a personalized online community, which can earn more traffic, and relevant followers, apart from letting you market your website to the outside world. Being active to industry relevant communities can help your brand share all the important information pertaining to a specific product or service. This is the most affluent pedagogy to connect your target market to your website.


Hence, SMO is to the online marketing industry, what word of mouth publicity is to retail marketing. Unnoticed & gradual in the beginning, but rampant, efficient, fruitful and reliable in the long run! That is why; SEONY asserts that this is your way to build brand loyalty online.

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