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New York search engine optimization
Search engine optimization new York
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With each passing day, more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to online video blogging aka video marketing. Since visual is more captivating, compelling and engaging than text alone, they are a fast emerging trend online nowadays. Videos are the key to improved lead generation and higher engagement and response rates.

Using videos for marketing purpose:

  • 10% increase in viewer engagement and response rates when compared to static ads.

  • 6% increase in emails click through rates when compared with text along emails or graphics & text emails.

  • 10% increase in user average time on ads or emails (increasing from 8-10 seconds to 1-1.5 minutes.)

SEO NY helps you to utilize videos for: email marketing, Creative messaging, ad-campaigns, website promotion and circulations etc. They can help you in engaging with the intended audience effectively, attract and impact the prospect customer accordingly. These videos are the newest ripple in online social media marketing that are resulting in instant lead generation. Click here to view of expansive portfolio of video marketing. Videos have given the rising trend of viral email marketing a new all time high! We urge you to improve your brand presence online by keeping up with what is the latest.

Improve your returns on market investments by making them judiciously. Raise your response rates by adding in customized video-content to your email postcards. Accelerate your sales and enhance your position on social networks with the help of SEONY’s video-marketing.

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